Ring Resort

The last time we got to be together was a year ago, March of 2014 and after that we were so busy looking for work and having our vacation etc.. So after a year of busy schedules and stressful work here we are again, together, I am happy that after gazillion years (which is ofcourse is exaggerated) we get to free a day out of our busy sheds.

Oh! This group of awesome friends that I am with are my IT friends, they are the ones I shared most of my college life and feels (ha ha ha) with they know almost everything about me actually some of them knows everything about me from the stupidest to smartest thing I know about myself. Hehe. And so I know as well that there is only one thing that can put us together that is swimming pools and beaches. HAHAHA. (Tanan man gud cgro mi gpanganak sa tubig. Hahaha)

I think I have to park right here before I enumerate how crazy and stupid (yet awesome and amazung. char. haha) these people are. *wink*




IMG_29032015_153648 IMG_29032015_154843


Ring Resort

Lower South Hills, Labangon

For inquiries call: 0322615247

Happy summer! ☺