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Hello people :) So how is everyone? It is been ages. Hehe well anyway I was so busy with things well I bet everyone could understand that. Hehe

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Okay so, what now? I honestly don't know how to start this but uuum okay before the school year ends for me, I've been receiving a lot of unexpected parcels from someone I don't know, first is the mini cake from Bo's (I dont know what is the name of it) second was the poem that was left at HNU Main guard house, third was the 3 blue roses that was put together and a note, these was given during our graduation practice. Fourth was the one that I am really surprised, Im in awe of this one though it is still roses but the way it was given to me it was one of a kind. That was our graduation, after the host said his closing remarks there are 6 SCS (Society of College Seniors) went towards me, in a form of a line and each of them was holding a red rose, of course I asked them who gave it but they answered that they do not know who is that lady, because according to that lady she was just also instructed to where, to who and how the rose will be given. I cant deny the smile I have that time. I am overwhelmed I mean not every girl has the chance to experience that. Right ladies? And lastly was at our beach party with the I.T people, a girl approached me and gave me a rose she said she doesnt know who gave it, she was just instructed to who and to what cottage she will deliver the rose. I really want to know him because I want to just even thank him and tell him how he made me smile with those roses and how he made me overwhelmed. These happened a month ago at Bohol and now Im now at Cebu, working, but still I do not know who he is. But I guess he has reasons, reasons that for him it is better to remain unknown. Well I respect that, whole heartedly.

To whoever you are, THANK YOU. That was a great experience I will never forget.

Keep inspiring people! ☺️

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   This was blogged last 4/26/2014)