Summer 2015: Samboan Part 3

We are still planning to go to the last waterfall it's located at Dao, Samboan which is the farthest (according to the people who live there) but since it's already 4:30 pm when we got ourselves out from our 2nd stop (Hidden falls) we're afraid that we have to use flashlights just to get to that fall located in Dao. So I think it's time to say that we are down to our last stop (unfortunately). No more waterfalls.

 DSCF8968_1 DSCF8987_1 DSCF8995_1 DSCF9002_1 DSCF9005_1


 DSCF9011_1 DSCF8965_1DSCF9012_1

DSCF9014_1 DSCF9015_1 DSCF9016_1 DSCF9021_1 DSCF9018_1Spontaneous photoshoot happened because this brick wall is ahhhhsome ☺

(I dont know what happened, but as we are enjoying our trip and as we are enjoying smiling at every shot the tour guide is taking, I think he pressed something in my cam that made the quality sooo bad. :( )