Annoying Orange

Because I'm too bored, I scanned all the pictures in my SD Card and found this. Haha. This was a year ago, my hair is still long and I honestly miss it, and this was supposed to be posted a year ago as well. I can't believe that these pictures were stuck for a year in my SD card, but for whatever reason I have (which I forgot), screw me.

Morning / Photo Walk

Since my two day rest days are so unproductive, because what I did is just to sleep that I even skipped meals (sorry I love sleeping), Now I'm making some productive stuff before my duty resumes later. Since I am from Talamban now, and it seems like almost everyone here have been to Family Park except me, I decided to do some morning slash photo walk there.


Hello! :) How's your weekend so far? Ughh so yeeeah this was taken last friday hihi. I don't blog everyday because of some stuff and errands to do and a turtle connection is also a thing here so  I came up to blog every weekend, I won't be outdated anyway right? :)

Unveiling Those "Unsaids"

I'm in my mood of ranting but I don't know if these pictures fit my rants but anyway, unlike my other posts this is just a random post, since I noticed I have been blogging about summer lately.