Hello! :) How's your weekend so far? Ughh so yeeeah this was taken last friday hihi. I don't blog everyday because of some stuff and errands to do and a turtle connection is also a thing here so  I came up to blog every weekend, I won't be outdated anyway right? :)

a1 a2 Right after our IRM class with our very own Ma'am Dean this guy beside me (named Kyle, I call him bitch actually hehe :))  boiled down to a decision to stop infront of 106c classroom to click click click (take pictures I mean. Hahaha :D)  Credits to Mirasol for sharing with us a bit of her time to take pic :* Yah, so there! There's a reason really behind these pictures hahaha aside from I'm a trying hard "blogger"  eewww kaau paminawon pero cge hahaha we actually killing the time hoho because our next class after IRM is one hell of a boredom :| Sorry Ma'am but yes it is boring, especially now that our sitting arrangement were rearranged and that I am now sitted right after the teacher's table, in short I am sitted in front, worse, Kyle (the guy I am with in these pictures) is far from me. Ugh. After posing and that we decided to go to our classroom (though, we are 15 mins late) when we are outside the room we again noticed the boredom aura surrounded the class, our eyes met and there we decided to completely ditch the class. HAHAHA >:)) And our feet brought us to the foodcourt. NOMNOMNOMS! :")

WARNING: Ditching class is bad to your grade. Hihi >:)
a3The epic fail fierce look we are trying to achieve. Hahaha

a4a6Candid shot is ♥
P.s post taken from my previous blog, been transferring blog from blogspot to wordpress lately. Originally posted last 12/07/2013