I honestly know that I've been spoiling myself with beaches and pool lately, so I am really thanking Convergys for throwing this summer party at Best Western Cebu Sand Bar Resort, Cordova held last May 10, 2015, Sunday. It was themed Mardi Gras.

 My saturday shift ends at 4 am and the shuttle will be fetching us around 12 noon, so I grabbed the chance to get some sleep between 4am to 12 noon because I still have my last shift before my rest day after the party (unfortunately, but I can't really say no to this summer party. Ha!).
I'm not certain tho but I think the trip took less than an hour. We were welcomed with I don't know how do you properly call them, but we were welcomed with a band, like the brazilian themed kind of band or I don't know anyway yes some kind of a band. Hehehe (I'm so lacking of better and right terms. Forgive me.).
I can't fathom why but I always have a thing for cool places (aside from beaches and swimming pools) I mean, when you get to see landscapes, you get to see like everything from afar, I have this OH-THIS-IS-SO-UGH-I-LOVE-THIS-CAN-I-CRY-NO-AAAAAAH feeling,  the roller coaster feels.
I only stayed in one place and that is near the pool, where I can see those overwhelming coconut trees, feeling the cool wind even though Mr. sunshine is up and shining at its finest. If situation allows, I can honestly live like this, basic cell, swimming pool/beach, basic pair of bikini, cover all, camera and of course food.

DSCF9212DSCF9240DSCF9233DSCF9272DSCF9209DSCF9222 DSCF9232DSCF9295DSCF9297DSCF929811039301_10203950639714558_7153344430145922840_na DSCF9235 DSCF9262 DSCF9264 DSCF9273 DSCF9283DSCF9270 DSCF9285 DSCF9276I know this party will only last for just less than a day, so Im making the very most out of it. Taking pictures of the place not only selfies. Hehe . But when dinner is served I only then realized I skipped lunch. Hehehe. This is what I get when I get too engulfed on things.

Planning to go back here with good friends. ♥