Morning / Photo Walk

Since my two day rest days are so unproductive, because what I did is just to sleep that I even skipped meals (sorry I love sleeping), Now I'm making some productive stuff before my duty resumes later. Since I am from Talamban now, and it seems like almost everyone here have been to Family Park except me, I decided to do some morning slash photo walk there.

I have to do this alone since my friends are drowned with their busy scheds, some are busy doing their stuff and some are just sleeping and I don't have a plan to wake them up. I prefer to do things alone (sometimes) because some things like, thinking, blogging, writing, are better done when you are alone, and you can find real peace when you're just by yourself, I don't know for otheres but for me, I do find peace. And sometimes you have to be alone or you have to learn to be alone because that is one of the ways where self contentment comes in. That's why I can't fathom why some people can't do things when they're alone, but anyway not being judgmental here because I really understand where people are coming from, and we live by our own reasons and opinions and on top of that we are very different and unique in our own ways, so yes that's fine. Hehe.

Oh wait when going to malls, I prefer to be alone most of the time. Hehe.

DSCF9183DSCF9171 DSCF9168 DSCF9178 DSCF9181DSCF9162DSCF9182I just didnt take pictures, I exercise a bit and that makes my body sore a little. Hehe

Anyway, have to idle.

Ciao :)