Unveiling Those "Unsaids"

I'm in my mood of ranting but I don't know if these pictures fit my rants but anyway, unlike my other posts this is just a random post, since I noticed I have been blogging about summer lately. 

Happy pictures hide a thousand emotions, cliche lines but yes I think this post not just fits me but fits everyone who has that same shit feels. (This is soooo drama but anyway. Ha ha.) I really believe that there are things that are better left unsaid, but I do believe as well that there comes a point that you'll feel the need of unveiling it because it's weighing you down. I think that thing came.

Have you ever feel lost? Or even hate something or someone with no definite reason or maybe you have reason but you think it's nonsense if you'll tell them? First, yes I feel lost, I don't know why but I feel so lost because maybe I don't know what's next, I don't know if this will work, I dont know if this is right, I don't know if this is worthy, I don't know if someone has just fvcking messed up my life, I dont know if someone's just playing around because sometimes what he/she says is very contrary to what he/she does in your life, sometimes or no let me correct that most of the time I laugh them away, those questions I smile them away but honestly I dont know and that makes me feel so lost,so lost  because those questions are so vague that I wanted answers but I can't find it and the least thing that you can do is cover your face with your pillow and shout it all out. Second, yes sometimes I hate people with no apparent reason, let's be black and white here yes that feeling exists in me. I hate them, I just hate them and you kill them in your mind. We all have that feeling, some are in denial of that but I know we have that common denominator. But there are people that I hate because they did something that hurts you and they're not aware of that, and you just wanna slap them and tell them you hurt me bitch or you bullshit my day asshole but you can't do that because yes ofcourse it's not that simple and because you know that you built some expectations in you that caused that whatever shitty feelings you are feeling and somehow that made you feel like you wanna slap them or kick their ass. But you cant put all the blame in you, you're feeling that way because someone did something to you and that's where everything started, ain't it?It's like  you just dont step in my life and make it beautiful and suddenly destroy and leave, like wtf? You shouldn't stepped in at the first place, but no, you can't tell, you cannot tell if that person will just leave a mess or will continue decorating your life, because we don't know what lies ahead of us and it is not good to push everyone away just because you don't know who would stay, what if the person you pushed out of your life is the one who is willing to stay and continue painting smiles in you, but since you're too scared you pushed that person away, and that's the saddest. But I understand it's awful to be hurt with the same reason or with different reasons, that you unconsciously become defensive.  But I imagine life that I know what will happen next, ain't it boring? Remember, you wont know how it feels to be happy if you're never been sad, and sometimes it's on how you'll take the situation, accept nd move on because at the end of the day and as what my motto says "Everything happens for a reason."   You smile, you laugh, you smirk because at the end of the day you sleep and wake up with a brand new day. ☺️

That feeling you get after venting out or by just simply ranting, such a relief. ☺️

Those unwanted feels, sometimes you just hafto unveil it. :)