1st of the nth

1st of the nth, this is totally a new post since my usual posts are about where I go, throwback pictures, random photos and thoughts but now allow me to write some cheesy post on what does "1st of the nth" mean. 7/29/2015 is the 1st of the nth it means that today's the first month of the unknown span of time that we will be together, yes you read it right, this is the cliché "monthsary" usually couples have, so allow me to be cliché then.

For me firsts are special; your 1st word when you’re still a baby, 1st school, 1st communion, 1st birthday and your 1st whatnots. In other words, our 1st month is something I value the most, it is usually the 1st month I look back into in times of reminiscing, perhaps and could make me nostalgic.

20150729_00131420150729_214716 20150729_21533620150729_001009

Boyfriend is getting cheesier. He gave me cute and vintage stuff that girls usually give to their special someone. He even made me a scrap book. Yay! Hehe :)

I know our first month will be soon very nostalgic to us. :)

P.s: Thanks for wasting your time reading my "cheese and bacon" post. Tehee :)