He came like a package from up above. He carries the answer of my prayers to God.

 The way he wakes me up and say good morning. The way he searches for my hand and hold it. The way he holds my hand while he is driving. The way he kisses my hand and say my hand smells like vanilla. The way he winks at me. The way he smiles at me and say I'm awesome(hahaha bleh). The way he debates with me. The way he hardly accepts his defeat. The way he looks at me when he is stunned on something or what, yes that face. The way he looks at me and out of the blue he will be chanting phrases and eventually will become a poem. The way we laugh at public places. The way he sings at me and eventually it will become my lss. The way he sings while driving while im playing the guitar inside his car. The way we make fun of each other (HAHAHAHAHA). The way we tease each other's genre of music. The way we stop talking at the middle of a conversation because we hear a good song and competing who could figure out the title of the song. The way he massage my head and feet, and the way those dimples make me smile. Those were just some of the prayers I sent to God, and God just brought someone who can grant those prayers, indeed, he is an answered prayer.

I don't know what have you done to make me feel this way, I don't know what power do you have or where did you get that but wherever or whatever it is, thank you. Thank you for the things written above, for the things I can't put into words and for the things that are better left unsaid.

We came into each other's life bearing our own credence in our lives, and I'm not here to change that, or not even gonna dare to change that, I'm here to understand and respect you. I'm not here to contradict you I'm here to consider, because every bits of you weigh.
The words "I love you" might be still at the back of your lips, and you don't feel like saying them as of now, well that's pretty fine, those words matter sometimes but why would I stress myself hearing those 3 words coming from your mouth when in fact, the words you hardly tell me, are the words you don't have to say because your actions speak for them. :)


Everything runs smoothly right now and I don't know if it will still be the same tomorrow but one thing is for sure I'll fight to hold on because you are worth it, this is worth it. And If worse comes to worst I'll look back to the day when I thank God for giving you, and will remember how much I prayed for this and for you, my answered prayer.