Girls and their Tantrums

Women have connections to each other that men cant understand, the way a woman stares at a woman's eyes, it is more than a stare, and men cant understand that.

One of the common connections men wont and will never understand is a woman's tantrums.
They cant fathom how women can shift to a certain mood to a completely and so opposite mood in just a minute or two, and worse men don't have any idea how it happened or what is/are the reason/s behind it.

I personally do not know as well, but based on my experiences, I got a lot of tantrums and honestly I am not comfortable at sharing to anyone the reason of my tantrums, because usually they are the tiniest things that men would expect from me, men would say it shallow, but it's different when it comes to a woman's perspective and those things are just some of the things that are better left unsaid.

The feeling of men that they cant understand women is very natural and yet one of the most challenging things in this world, especially in a relationship, that is why they say "It takes two to tango". There are men's stuff that women will never understand and in vice versa, because that is how it is. And that is the beauty of life and love, because it takes real love, concern and sincerity for you to understand someone, or shall I say accept the fact that some things are built only to be understood by women, and some things are to be understood by men only. And by any confusion, you have to understand that. It is very ironic right? How could you understand something that are meant to be understood only by women or by men? Life is full of ironies, if you cant understand it at least accept it. And no matter how topsy-turvy things would be, you should embrace all of those, because theres no other way to deal with that, you cant run from what is meant to happen. And we cant change the fact that men are from mars, and women are from venus and for some reason our differences brought us to this world to look for that better half who would understand and accept the uncertainty that is innate in us.

To all women: girls and their tantrums are forever attached, so be with someone who can deal, accept and love you for that.
To all men: girls are worthy of your understanding, they will love you to the moon and back, care for you like a baby, just understand her and accept all the flaws that's inbred in her, because girls have their own hidden insecurities, that only girls could see, and you just have to appreciate her no matter what, especially her tantrums.