Where To?

When I've got nothing to do, I usually end up thinking of good places, deli foods, best restos and etc.. If people ask me where is the best place to have dinner or lunch or best place to hang out, I could really give them a list, but when I'm already on the go of going out, or eating(most of the time) I end up asking myself "where to?". Crazy. Haha

So Jabi took me out on a "dinner" in regards to our quote and quote 1st monthsary but ended up asking me where. Crazy dude. Haha. Me having a list of restos, I even have a notebook for it (Hahaha. That drives me to go to work, to earn and to eat out once I get paid. Hahaha!) but still ended up saying "I dont know, where to?".span>

So our weird and indecisive minds lead us to Tokyo Table at City Time Square, and this means buffet and this means hi cheat day, we meet again, we always do anyway. Hehe.

20150729_181032 20150729_181225 20150729_19153020150729_193936


Even though this crazy dude beside me could be so disoriented at times, he never failed to make me full, and I so thank him for that, can't thank him enough for everything. :)

We just can't get enough of foods, we always left our hearts to where the foods are. Hahaha.

Binge eater? Not really, just a bit. ;)