Twork it

So this is it pancit, I now have to dress for work, hi pencil skirts, dresses, office jackets, close shoes, slacks, heeled sandals and whatever you wear for work. I bid my plain tees, leggings, hoodies and flats goodbye for the mean time.

The 1stproblem I’m facing when I wake up is the mere fact that I have to wake up early for work, 8:30 a.m, yes 8:30 a.m is very early for me. Indeed not a morning person. 2nd , I have to take a bath with cold water, and 3rd is dealing with “what-to-wear crisis”.
My 1st and 2nd problem, been dealing with them since God knows when, but the 3rd one, it is so new to me, and I’m really trying my very best to look simple (this time not with my plain shirt and leggings) and formal as I can be .

20150803_152459 20150803_152501 20150803_152502 20150803_152516 I said to myself “Welcome to the corporate world (especially the attire)”.

Office Jacket / Grey V-neck T-shirt / Stripes Pencil Skirt / Parisian Sandals