Not Toned Just Tanned

I just can't leave this place without having my random "photoshoot" for my blog.

IMG_2583Kalanggaman Island  is just toooooooooo stunning and beautiful, if only I could hug the whole islet, I would, I know I'm being weird, I'm sorry. Ha ha when I'm in awe of something, I really really think that I can do impossible things like as what I have mentioned awhile ago; hugging the islet. Silly me.

IMG_2501 IMG_2496 IMG_2474 IMG_2495 IMG_2471 IMG_2494 IMG_2470 IMG_2493 IMG_2468 IMG_2491 IMG_2484I know I've been doing these poses a LOT of times, but yes forgive me, this is by some means a remembrance as well. I don’t know when will I be visiting this place again, or who knows this would be my first and last, so I'm just making the best of my time here and  that is by taking pictures. :) Ohh pictures, the power of pictures, need I say more? ;)

IMG_1994If no one's there, the sea is there. That's why my heart will always be there, no matter what. :)

IMG_2485I’m so tanned; an obvious proof of having a good time soaking up under the sun.