Beguiling Life

Life is a package that God has given to each of us, it has tragedy, fortune, happiness, sadness, best, worst, positive, negative and name the endless things that life has. Whether we like it or not life comes with the bittersweet things and reasons.Life is pretty fair because it is unfair to everyone, some are privileged in some aspects of life, some are not but in some aspects they’re way luckier. In life you cannot have it all, because it’s your work to wanderlust, to have a leap of faith to believe that we can do and succeed on things where others have failed.

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As we live we will keep on stumbling down, we will be bombarded with bad news/things, we will be stabbed at our backs by the people we least expect, we will be feeling shitty about things, worse about ourselves, and we will cry ourselves to sleep, we will spend sleepless nights over thinking about ourselves, life, things, future, work, family, friends, special someone and anyone that you care and anything that you like and love doing. Whether you agree or not these are perks of living this beautiful life, coz in every stumble, we learn to get on our feet and move forward, in every bad news/things we learn how to be brave enough to face it, in every unwanted feelings we learn to be strong, in every cry we learn that crying is not for the weak, it is for everyone. Because at the end of the day it happened because it has a purpose to be served.

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Life is an unending surprise, it is everywhere but it’s up to you to notice it.

Everything is beautiful. Living life is and life itself. You just have to learn how to look at it in a positive way.

Life is not a bouquet of flowers where the best flowers are chosen to be in it, because you don’t have the power to choose who comes and walks away, but you always have a power on how to take it and see the good thing/s from it.

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Flower Farm, Sirao Upper Busay Cebu City

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Been hiatus for quite awhile. I'm so happy I was able to publish this post, since this was in my drafts months ago.

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