I grew up with a happy family. Period. Well a lot of us would tell that because that is a fact. No matter how bumpy the road is/was/will be of your family still it is happy. Because the mere fact of having a family is enough to make you say that yes I have a happy family.
A family cannot have it all. No one can have it all.


 Let's face it, a lot of families are financially unstable, some can't feed their families 3x a day and some can't even go to college because of the lack of it ( Well many thanks to public schools that they are such a great help to people who want to study from grade school to high school) but there are some also who are experiencing a very lucky life; they can buy what they want, they sleep at a very comfortable bed, can eat three times a day or even more than it, a lot of families are experiencing a lot of different things.
I might not know how it feels to be in each shoes of each people who belong to a different family but I do know that at least for once, life has been unfair to them, because it is indeed unfair to everyone. I do know that they have been in a situation that they wished some families wont undergo. I do know that some fortunate families wished to have something that the less fortunate families have and in vice versa. I do know all of these and I know you know too because we belong to a family who has been so strong in dealing in this life.

I love my family. But I wont deny the fact that I've got wants that they can't provide, I've got wishes that they can't make it come true, I've got a dream debut that they were not able to give.
I might have a lot of CAN'Ts and WEREN'Ts in life but I'm not complaining because they might not able to provide what I want but they were able to provide what I need. They might not have my wishes come true but they are making their wishes for me to come true. They might not able to provide me my dream debut but God provided me a chance to turn 18.
Life is just a matter of seeing the good things from all the bad things. It may take you years to see it, to learn to see it but I'm pretty sure one day in this flawed life you'll understand why it happened and why it didn't, because there's always good in everything.
This is my life, simple and complicated. Life was, is and will be unfair to me but I know I'll manage to kick in. I now see the reason why it happened the very opposite on how I wanted it to, but I'm happy. There are still a lot of things in life that I can't fathom, but I guess there are just things in life that is not meant to be understood, but to be accepted instead.


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