Thanks Wordpress

My blogging life is not as successful as other bloggers out there. I wanted to blog and still wanting to blog to have an outlet for my unsaids, and to voice out some personal visions and opinions.

image I used to blog at blogspot but a friend of mine introduced wordpress to me because it is way more user friendly, nice and organized and he is right. Without any second thought I switched to Wordpress, it is not that hassle transferring blog posts from blogspot to here since I do not have that much post, since I just had started back then.

A lot of people asked me if I am earning something from blogging well I answered no, not even a centavo. I idolize bloggers who earn from what they do-blogging, I idolize them as well because they can write in behalf of others or they can write about something even though they do not feel like to. I do what I want and don't do what I don't want. Because for me once you get paid for something you have to live with their expectations, you have to say something about a thing or event or whatnots even if your  mouth is dried out of words about it. I am not closing any doors for opportunities though, maybe I am just a bit scared of failing or not meeting both ends that is why I see things the way I see them (as of now). But trying to knocked that fear out.

I am just a bit overwhelmed on what Wordpress got for me. I believe this is not bad for a starting blogger like me. Right?

It was indeed a very sweet and productive 2015. See you on 2016 Wordpress! :)