I Cannot Not

Every time I feel sad or upset I always find myself imagining playing the piano and swimming.

 Maybe because if only I am good at those two,  if I ever feel down, upset or sad I surely will swim and play the piano but honestly I don't know how to play the piano, my parents put me to a piano class before but I quit, I quit because I don't like it, I quit because I am too stubborn and young to see the advantage of it, and I regret it. I know how to swim, but not the one who competes on a swimming competition but I surely know how to swim, I ever since love wading to the water- swimming pool, beaches or anything I can dip my self into.

Above anything else, when I am happy I couldn't find myself anywhere to celebrate but to beaches or swimming pools, for this matter, it is swimming pool. I wasn't able to celebrate Christmas '14 last last year with my family because of work, so I swore to myself that no matter what happens I will be celebrating Christmas '15 at home and I did! :) What makes it happier is my parents invited my boyfriend (Jabi) to our Christmas Party I was shocked since I was not aware of it not until my parents asked me if Jabi is coming, believe me this is once in a blue moon since they are not the kind of parents who invite my circle of friends or boyfriend for that matter, they have not even invited my best friend not that they don't like my best friend they love my best friend, they are not just the kind of parents who invite the people that matter to me (friends and boyfriend). Jabi was able to celebrate our Christmas Party with us and was able to know what kind of family I have, was able to meet my Titas, Titos and cousins and of course my parents. :) I was happy, I am so happy.

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The next day, we went on swimming. Beach is the best idea but unfortunately it is low tide and there are lot of people. So swimming pool is the next best thing. As what I have mentioned, when I am on rage of sadness or happiness I want to go on swimming; for this matter it is happiness. I am so happy on the overwhelming things that happened before 2015 ended. From celebrating Christmas '15 complete, from my parents inviting Jabi to come over our Christmas Party, from all the compliments my relatives have said towards us/him, everything is just so sweeeeeeeet. ♥

This might be just be one of other's anythings, but for me this is something. I just cannot not celebrate this something that made my year-ender sweet and great. Beaches and swimming pools know almost all my feelings, they are the places I go home to whenever shit happens. But at this time Jabi and I are here to celebrate and thank God how blessed we are. You know at times like this, you just cannot not celebrate it with the one you love.