Coffee Factory

Where do you spend your Saturdays? Well some might spending Saturday sleeping because they were partying last night, some might going to the gym or some might be doing their part time.
Well, I spend my Saturdays (most of) reading, working on my backlogs (And unfortunately this post is one of my backlogs) at a coffee shop. I bet everyone's loving coffee shop, because me, I love them from the bottom.
We all have our own choice of brewing place or so we called coffee shop. I fancied Coffee Bean Scent near Mango. I love their place, aside from their interior design is mostly black I love their Javachip too, since Javachip is my cup of tea. The thing that discouraged me is their location, it is far from where I reside.


So I was hyped when I saw this signage "Brewing Soon" near my place and they were finally opened last December 5, 2015- COFFEE FACTORY. They are located at A.S Fortuna, and believe me they have such a nice place and a very good coffee and my fave on their list of frappes is Nutella frappe, this is uncaffenated, I love frappes with caffeine but for some reason I prefer the non-coffee based ones nowadays.


If you are a coffee enthusiast I suppose you have been here already or most prolly this is already your place of chilling every weekend, but to those who have not been here yet, and you want an alone time Coffee Factory is here for you, to have you chilled and caffeinated.