Sperry Not

I do not fancy shoes that much as much as others do. I'm more on a flipflops kind of gal. They are the comfiest footwear on earth for me. So this post is an exception to that, for once in my life I've loved shoes.

When everyone's wearing topsider shoes I wear slippers, but that does not mean I don't like its physical appearance, actually topsider is one of the coolest kind of shoes I've seen, just that I don't find it comfy, (shoes in general) because it might be gross but my feet get wet easily. (UGH)
So far, Sperry is the popular brand whose cup of tea is topsiders (as far as I know) and.. yes, one of the reasons why I don't like it, is it's not budget friendly (lol), I supposed everyone's really considering the cost of it before buying a thing.
As I was doing my window shopping at Ayala, I found this Sperry topsider inspired shoes, and to my surprise the price is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper compared to others.


This is one of Follie's collection of shoes. Been buying sandals and a working shoes on this brand and so far quality wise and cost wise they are a great package for people like me who just don't like shoes that much. Original price is 350Php, but when I bought this is it was on sale so I paid 200Php for this cool shoes.


I think someone just got the best bargain, isn't it? ☺