Wedding Diary


I have never blogged about wedding because I am too focus on the ceremony that I cannot take pictures, but don't get me wrong I am always in awe of wedding designs, but I just cannot not focus to the ceremony and witness the start of the couple's new chapter of their lives as one.

I always get teary eyed during weddings there are just too much emotions in it- when the groom cries as he watches his love of her life walking towards him, when the bride's parents walk her to her groom, giving and entrusting their daughter to the love of her life, when the groom takes the bride, hold her hand and walk her in front of God. I might not hear it but pretty sure the couple's hearts whisper "The long wait is finally over".


"Long" not just means time, it means more than what it literally does, long means the sad times and happy times the couple been through all through out their relationship.

Tomorrow is never promised. So starting with and ending up with the same person is more than just a fate, it is more than the couple's decision to stay, it is more on a blessing, why? Because despite the fact that tomorrow is so uncertain you have surpassed tomorrow together with no guarantee from anyone that the next day you will still end up with the same person you are loving today.12716352_986142298149141_9171267973372413705_o12716091_10204349499812586_2100644782823371916_oimage

Maybe thats what makes the whole ceremony so emotional. Who would ever thought? Who would ever thought that the man you met years ago, that the man you share your shittiest attitude with, that the man you pushed away when shit happens to you personally, who would ever thought that after how many yearsss, the man you laid your eyes the first day is the same man you will be kissing in front of your families, relatives, friends and especially God at the day you exchange I dos. Who would ever thought?


Hats off to this couple on this post. Who had shared 9 years of ups and downs, 9 years of hate and love, 9 years of surpassing through the storms life could throw at them. To this couple who have faced 9 years of iffy tomorrows. You have been amazing to be exchanging I dos and kisses in front of us.

I might not know the entire story of your relationship or even both of you individually but what I am sure of is, seeing you in front of God, being on the same isle on the same day, despite the hindrances that got along the way before you got your feet there, you deserve to be happy and I know God is with you all through out.

Indeed, love shows no distance and time, it catches what is thrown, let go and move on. Love is an unending lesson, you stumble and need to get on your feet because love is not meant to stop you from going on with your life.

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These 2 couples are strings that are vibrated as one.

Cheers to John & Cling's wedding!


Those are the few shots (without the watermark) I made during the wedding and the reception. 😊

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Photo by: fine images  / Se Ed (green logo)