9th on the 29th of March

Now, I'll tell you tidbits on how everything started.


Now, I'll tell you tidbits on how everything started. We had a deal; his was- by the time we celebrate Sinulog 2015 he has already resigned from his company, mine was- the opposite. If he won, I'll treat him breakfast, lunch and dinner. If I won, he'll treat me breakfast, lunch, dinner and Brownies Unlimited. :) Apparently, I won. Plain speaking, I didn't give a damn about our deal, I even almost forgot it until he beeped me and offered when he's gonna treat me. Since that was summer, I am where beach parties and outings were at, and because timing's a bitch, we had a hard time meeting both ends. When we finally found our free scheds met, he then treated me a dinner date, he claimed it was a date. I was honestly waiting for him to buy me brownies unlimited because if only he knew that was my fave and that is my most awaited food on that day, I don't mind skipping breakfast and lunch by the way. To make the story short, he defended by saying it's an honest mistake and he forgot it, thus every monthsary if he's here in Cebu I always demand him to buy Brownies Unlimited, not that I can't buy myself one, but I feel owed by him forever. Hahaha 😂 Stupid but that's true.


It's funny and weird how all these started but I am nonetheless blessed. :) Happy 9th to the nth! I xx without wax. ❤️