Lazy Shirt Not Me

I always love loose shirts, so I always fall in love with lazy shirts/dresses, they are just the perfect fit for my taste of clothes as I hate clothes that show your curves, plus you can wear them on all types of occasion, you just have to style them a bit and you are good to go.


 So I got myself a purple and neon orange lazy shirt the other day, they are just the comfiest clothes ever. I wear them in different styles depending on my mood and the occasion of course.


You might be wondering why there's an "I LOVE BLACK" text there on the photo, because if you notice, I'm into minimalism I really prefer white and mostly black color of shirts or on any kind of stuff but here I am wearing purple on this post, color black of this kind is just out of stock and I cannot not buy this lazy shirt as I am really really into this.

As what I have mentioned, I wear my lazy shirts in different styles, hoping to blog about those styles soon. 😊