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What I’ve been up to recently;

Job hunting

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I accompanied my friend with her job hunting. We went to Ayala business park and IT Park. We have waited hours for her turn to have her interviews and exams, the usual interview process. She is very uneasy with it and very nervous as well, so to stop her from dwelling on those negative feelings, we do chitchats on random things instead (Chitchats with a long time friend is always the best. ☺). Our last stop was at Ayala Center, doing a bit of window shopping and had dinner there. Job hunting is never easy, it is dragging and draining at times but you have to go through those just to get that job and earn bux. I was tired but happy. It’s always such a great feeling to help a friend. ☺


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I am spontaneous on things. The come what may and whatever happens, happens attitude. But there are just some things that need planning and remembering, and to make sure I’m not gonna miss any of those, this planner is to the rescue to save me from forgetting, especially the smallest thing. As much as I want the normal size planner I bought this small one instead because I hate bringing big bag. I have listed almost all my plans on this planner and hopefully to have those fulfilled by the end of this year. Deffo crossing my fingers. ☺

Good books


They said there are three reasons why you stay up late; 1st, crying your self out. 2nd, talking to your special someone over the phone. 3rd, reading a good book. I am crashing out the 1st and 2nd one and let’s focus on the 3rd reason, reading a good book. My bookwork friend had surprised me with different good e-books:
Reflection Of A Gentleman x Amari Soul
Me Before You x Jojo Moyes
After You x Jojo Moyes
Lullabies x Lang Leav
Misadventure x Lang Leav
P.S. I Still Love You x Jenny Han
To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before x Jenny Han
I am done reading Me Before You x Jojo Moyes and currently reading To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before x Jenny Han.
Reading a good book is always a well spent sleepless nights. ♥



Spent my work day offs working on my backlogs. I’ve been busy with work and reading books lately that I have to set aside my backlogs. I am glad I found a time to work on them during my offs. I went to Coffee factory (which happens to be one of my backlogs) to make use of their Wi-Fi while sipping my favourite frappe and of course working on my backlogs. I can say, I am somehow back on track. 
Here are the new posts I have published over the weekend (Click the title to read).
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There are a lot of popular songs nowadays and are changing from time to time. Honestly, I fancied some of them but at the end of the day I always go back to my ever fave playlist. Nothing beats my so called “Timeless Playlist”. I will be sharing my playlist to you guys, prolly on my next post. 

8th of the nth


Look who turned 8 months last Monday. We are not a perfect couple, we’ve been into fights we never thought we will be in. We’ve hated each other for some bs reasons, but what we never do is, dwell on them. We reconcile, exchange apologies and make sure to become a better person in each other’s life. There are times that might feel so shitty but I am certain that I’m not (never) planning to settle for 8months neither him. As what we always say to each other, “I am here for the longest run”. ♥

City lights


I always get stunned with city lights, I mean who doesn’t? Not a day I don’t feel blessed of having an access to our roof deck, I mean all QBE employees have access to the roof deck but not all company has this stunning roof deck. When I feel down or name whatever shitty feelings a person could feel, I always go to our roof deck and look up to the stars and close my eyes, and accept and understand that shit really happens sometimes but nonetheless never forget the thing you are privileged at, the things that others wish they have. And open your eyes, and be thankful for the opportunities that were deprived to others, a very good example is this roof deck and city lights which I get to see 5 times a week. ☺ This place works wonders. ♥