Why Not, It's Hot!


One of my to-do list every Sunday is to work on my backlog/s, since Monday-Saturday is quite busy for me- work and event/s that need/s attending.
Last Saturday, I already felt summer standing at my doorstep. I felt like I am the nearest human being in the sun because apparently, it is deadly and seriously hot! Thus, I felt the need to make use of the mall's AC. I asked my boyfriend to come with me because pretty sure he also felt the need to abuse mall's AC, because why not it's hot! Hehe!


As our way to the mall I asked my boyfriend to take pictures of me because aside from he is the only person I can ask that favor, he owed me take-a-picture-of-me stuff too. Before letting him take pictures of me I had to instruct him how to do it without getting it blurred since he most of the time has that issue- taking blurred pictures. Hehe! Amazingly he took good ones! :)


My mother gave my polo shirt and my short is the first tattered DIY I did. :)