Zark's Burger

We spoiled ourselves a bit for fast food today. Thanks to social medias for making us drool to burgers for the last few days. Ha ha and that is sarcastic by the way. Lol. When speaking about burgers, Zark's Burger at SM City Cebu trending it's way up to social medias and to people's budget and taste.


We ordered Black Mamba and Zark's Ultimate Burger since those were two of their best sellers. Of course mine was Zark's Ultimate Burger because it has bacon in it, I think I broke my boyfriend's heart for a sec., since he loves bacon too but we want to order different burgers to get some variety. Hehe! We ordered Bacon Chips too, if you're a bacon lover you cannot miss their Bacon Chips and lemonade for the drink.


It was taste satisfying and tummy bloating, we even stopped every 15(or so) minutes for our stomach to grind down what's eaten before taking another bite of our burgers. Haha! And, money wise? I think you wouldn’t mind spending less than 200Php for a yummy, greasier-the-better Zark's burger, would you? ☺



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