If there’s to blame(aside from me) in taking over my wallet sometimes, it is the online shops. Feel me, girls? I know you do!

For the past few days, I’ve been online shop hunting for some stainless steel jewelries, now you know why the title of this post is ANASTASIA STEEL(E). Lol. I almost gave up since I can’t find cheap online stainless steel shops that are based in Cebu, but I guess I was just so lucky that night that before I head over to dreamland, a lady from our company sells Stainless Steel AND it is so much cheaper compared to other online shops.
Click here to visit her page.
Thin Bar Stainless Steel
 Mini 3D Heart Stainless Steel

I like everything that’s cheap but never compromises its quality. For jewelries, I am referring to Stainless Steel.
 If you want a cheap yet quality tested jewelries, you should go for Stainless Steel.
Why? It doesn’t fade nor tarnish. It is an alloy that can handle a lot of wear and tear; this means, in terms of wearing jewelry that goes through a lot of use everyday, Stainless Steel lasts quite really longer- longer than silver and gold. It requires less maintenance because it’s naturally sturdy, easy to clean and requires minimal care. And most of all, it’s so sooo cost-friendly.

Bye broke days (hopefully. Lol), I can now be fab and elegant without over budgeting because Stainless Steel got my love for jewelries.