Mom, It's Your Jeans

So it's time for short shorts, sleeveless and a pair of flipflops! Summer makes us just wanna show a bit of our skin, because our skins, having their own life, needs some fresh air to breathe too! Hehe! However for some unfortunate events, I had to wear the not so revealing clothes because of my wounds (I got these wounds somewhere down the road when I had that YOLO spirit. Lol) just to save them from irritations. This summer is a bit of a torture with all the "beat the heat" thingy, the struggle is eefin real!
Since my room is nearer than the earth from the sun (Hahaha! But seriously, I feel like it), AC from the malls are indeed a big help in beating the heat. So I made my way to one of the malls, did my window shopping that turned out to be crashing the word "window". RIP $$$. *I cri*

 I stopped & stuck to H&M since I can see red tags. :) and headed over to their Mom Jeans! :) What I like about H&M is that, the choice of style they sell on their clothes are vintage, they are bizarre. Not to mention like this, Mom Jeans I bought for only 500php! I am not a brandy person, I don't mind buying clothes in thrifty shops but Mom Jeans for just 500php!? It's a good bargain; another good bargain!

I look like qweruopdhsj here, but whatevs. Lol! Hehe :D This is what candid shots do to you. Hahaha.

Weee! I love red tags 'coz I always get a good bargain from them! I know you do too! *wink*