Be Your Lighter

A sweet tooth like me is not just always wanting to eat sweet foods but also wanting to just sit in a sweet place while musing on things.
 One evening while my boyfriend and I are indecisive on where to spend our Saturday night we came across an acoustic band, and without 2nd thought we headed to where the voice came from- at 10 Dove Street Confectionery.
I love the place, with all the bright lights, very wide space and an acoustic band in the middle, it is just so perfect just sitting there enjoying my red velvet cupcake and Jabi’s crème brûlée; their red velvet cupcake is so yummy, by the way.


Before heading home, I asked Jabi to take pictures of me just right in front of a very big bright tree. I always get stunned with bright lights despite that I love black. It always reminds me of something and that is to always be your own lighter, that you don’t need someone or something to lighten up your gloomy day or your dark world. Because a very strong light should always comes within you,  the strongest courage and strength is built inside you. If only we love ourselves genuinely more than we love those material things, we could find the best defense against everything from our own self.


Remember, it’s not selfish to love yourself and take care of yourself once in awhile, it is necessary.