Summer Starter 2016

Summer season always brings out the adventurous person in you. But before starting my summer adventure, let me welcome summer with a soul-searching kind of visit in my favourite beach in this world and that’s in Panglao.
When I was still in College, my friends and I love to go to the beach, but apparently having our own lives now and considering the hectic schedules that we have, we don’t have a choice but to go to the beach during our own free time and drag anyone who is not busy. If it takes me a week or 2 to plan for a beach getaway back then, now it’s my spontaneity that works for that.

One hot sunny boring afternoon, I decided to go to the beach to finally welcome summer. So I dragged my boyfriend and brother to come with me, of course they cannot say no to me, they know how much I love beaches. 


4420-19ea-5bcf-30d4Unfortunately, waves that day are a bit rough. This is not usually like this. Seriously, these waves should learn how to calm.

It's always nice to spend the day under the sun with a salty hair. :)


(P.S. This is one of my backlogs. I almost forgot about this.)