What's In My Bag

Bags have always been our best bud that most of us girl always carry around.
Though sometimes we prefer not bringing our bags and just put our mobile phone and money in our pocket, like I always do because I’m not really fond of bags, I hate bringing sacks when I go out, but I realized, since I’m working 5 days a week, I need a bag where everything I need is in it, that I can drag it right away when I’m running late.
Here’s my go-to stuff; my little buddies inside this sack.

My mobile phone- my diary, music player, camera, clock, boredom saver rolled into one.
img_6138 My basic phone- for my smart sim. The easiest phone to text and call.
img_6143My power bank- need not to say more.
img_6137My phone chargers.
img_6146 My earset. 
img_6145My coin purse and wallet- where all receipts, bills, cards and ID’s go. 
img_6147My lip balm- since our office is equipped with full blast AC’s, tendency is, sometimes, I’m having chopped lips.

So there! My little buddies. 
How 'bout you? What’s inside your bag? Feel free to share by leaving a comment down there. 