Sometimes, one of the sweetest questions comes with just one word- “Coffee?”
img_7708img_7702img_7707 If you’re a coffee lover, surely you’ll agree to this. Imagine, when you are having a rough day then someone just popped up a question “Coffee?” isn’t that heart-melting?  And just that, you’ve then gone excited by just being asked with that question. 
img_7698img_7699 There’s something in coffee that makes me feel at ease, its aroma is surely one of the things. 
img_7683img_7729I don’t mind waking up 2 p.m. or later than that, coffee is always the best idea to drink after waking up. 
img_7730 I wont make this post lengthy because loads of work are heading to me, but before that.. coffee first. ♡