Senyorito Scallops


Just last Friday, after our shift I finally let out a big yahoo for ending a busy and stressful week at work. But before heading home, some of my colleagues and I went to Sugbo Mercado. Does it ring a bell, guys? If you're from Cebu you deffo should, 'coz if not.. what are you?!!! A non-existent who lives here?! Wait, does that make sense? Haha. Anyway.

img_7043img_7047img_7036Sugbo Mercado is a bazaar who pampers your love for foods and serenades your night with their live acoustic band. As we are doing our food hopping, we finally stopped at Senyorito Scallops that's owned by my teammate's sister and friend. I'm not into sea foods but believe me these scallops are unbelievable, would you believe me if I say they are beyond delicious? You should! Because they frig are! For 120Php you can enjoy your 8pcs of baked scallops with your own choice of flavor- Pesto or Garlic. Pair it with rice for 20Php and a cold pitcher of beverage for 80Php. Go ahead and head to Sugbo Mercado Garden Bloc, I.T Park every Thursday to Saturday and visit Senyorito Scallops for their super supeeeeeeeeer yummy scallops! :)



I wasn't able to take good shots of the foods due these mouth-watering scallops  that distracted me.

Enjoy!! :)

P.S.: If you discover this blog post through a shared post on social medias, you might be wondering why it's "Senyorita" on the shared post, then when you're on the exact blog post it is "Senyorito". The reason behind that is, I honestly published this post the first time with the wrong title "Senyorita" and when I changed it to "Senyorito" Wordpress  acknowledged it on the exact blog post but when you share this post, it will still appear "Senyorita". :(  I guess Wordpress needs fixing.