Summer Ender '16

Wet season has finally touched our country- with all the medium rain every morning and night we can really tell that summer is crawling its way out of here. But before we get to say hi to heavy rain and typhoons, we had this 11th hour plan to go away and enjoy our summer ender before summer finally leaves us completely.

Just last weekend, with our foods, swimwear and tent with us, we went to South Bus Terminal, rode a bus that routed to Cebu - Bato via Barili and headed to Lambug beach at Badian. It was 3 hours and 30 minutes of crazy trip and bumpy ride. We left 7:30 pm and finally arrived 11:00 pm.

When we arrived at the seashore of Lambug beach, we set up the tent right away, changed to our swim wears, ate our foods and the crazy night finally began. 
We talked a loooooot about anything under the sun and laughed until our tummy hurts. We felt like we got a lot of catching ups to do, so there! 
At 3 a.m. we decided to doze off, since we can't deny the fact that, we were all tired from the trip all the way from Cebu City to Badian. 
It will always be my pleasure waking up to this view. I'm never gonna get tired of saying this but this kind of view always makes me fall in love, over and over again. Nature really has it, you just gotta find it! ♥
img_7631img_7645 I don’t usually eat breakfast for some reason, but this moment I just had to eat breakfast because since we arrived at Lambug everything we ate is all junk foods. And because this is an 11th hour mini summer-ender getaway, we forgot to buy even lechon manok- the most convenient food you should buy when going out of town, good thing we were able to buy 2 San Marino canned tuna and that saved us from hunger. 
img_7285img_7283img_7301Mr. Sunshine is up, everyone’s suited and ready for swimming. 

Before wading into the sea water, I asked one of my friends to take pictures of me while I’m trying my best to whip my hair despite this short hair, but it was an epic fail. All I got were candid shots from trying so hard in whipping my hair to laughing my self out because I can’t do it. Hahaha! 

img_7600 The most decent picture after swimming. Lol.
 Went home with some tan lines, salty hair and a broke pocket (</3 haha) nevertheless, it was awesome!