Hiiii! So it's been what? Hmm 1 month? Haha well hello!

Been on hiatus because apparently, a lot of shenanigans happened the past few weeks, but now I'm back- I'm back with my go-to outfit. Hehe! I know on my previous posts, you can read there that my go-to outfit is leggings and a loose tee, well as a matter of fact, that is still and my forever go-to outfit, however these past few weeks I've been so lazy that I wasn't able to get my laundry from the laundry shop and all that's left in my cabinet are shorts and loose sleeveless. And so I have to wear them, what do I do? I prioritized my laziness. Hahaha! But I just don't simply wear them, I style them too

Gone are those tucked-in tees or any sort of tops, well not really totally gone but just for the meantime as I'm loving tying the loose bottom hem of my top just like that on the photos. The reason why I like tying it, is because it looks so laid-back yet classy for a go-to outfit, aint it?

Simplicity is the best; add a class on it then it's grand! :)

What's your go-to outfit, by the way? :)