Do you have those days when you prefer to just drown yourself to bed and sleeeeeeep

without minding the meals you've skipped for that day or without even knowing if the sun's still up or has it bid its goodbye to us? But unfortunately as much as you wanted to do that daily, this life only gives working people 2 days to do whatever they want and thus, you need to drag yourself out of your magnetic bed and push your own self to the bathroom and bathe.

Every morning is a struggle for me because my bed never fails to impress me. I'm not gonna wash my hands off this, 'coz yup! Sometimes, taking a bath is very tiring for me 'coz I feel that getting out of bed is impossible. I always have times like that, at least once a week. (Ha ha)

So imagine me talking to myself every after I bathe, congratulating myself for beating up that potato in me.