Life Recently 0816

So The Chainsmokers just went to Manila and I honestly envy those who went to their concert, prolly that’s the highlight of their month- THEY. GOT. TO. SEE. THE. CHAINSMOKERS. PERFORM. LIVE. But for me who is broke af, I have my own little highlights too. What are those? Here..

img_0141-Indulging myself with books

For the past few days all I ever did was sleep, eat, go to work and READ BOOKS. I am not fond of paperbacks because it is not cost-friendly, for me it is just a one-time use, and I get nauseous the longer I read them because of its smell. So apparently, I’m into e-books.One of my favorite authors is Colleen Hoover, for the past few days I’ve read 2 of her books- Maybe Someday and It Ends With Us. But my boyfriend gave me a paperback as a gift.  Just because I’m not fond of paperbacks doesn't mean I don’t get happy when someone gave  me one.  :) I’m not gonna tell you what those books are all about, because I want you to read them. All those sleepless nights were worth it because of these books! :)

-Mini light for my bunk bed

To everyone who just rents a place, I know you’ll understand me. I am living in a boarding house with just one room and with a roommate. Sometimes, when I got home from work my roommate is asleep and that’s the time I want to do a lot of things. I am so hyper at night because obviously I am not a morning person, I like fixing my clothes, writing or reading the book my boyfriend gave me, BUT I can’t do any of those because doing any of the abovesaid means that I have to open the light and I’m afraid I might disturb my roommate's sleep, who most of the time have a shift at work that starts around 2-3am. So I came up to this idea, to have a mini light of my own. Sometimes when your room is not on your favor you have to be creative enough to have your room look at least  worth going home to.


I miss home cooked foods, when you are living way from home you wont deny the fact that one of the things you miss is home cooked foods. There are carenderias everywhere here in Cebu but no offense, it seems like all foods taste like the same. :( So I sometimes prefer instant cup noodles, like this! :) And by the way, if you love ramen as much as I do and you are on a tight budget, this Jjamppong Instant noodle is a good choice to feed your hunger and cravings. :D

-I'm Leaving Stress For 3 Days

I AM GOING TO PPS!!!!! :) It will still be next month tho, but still this is one of my highlights of this month as I am so much looking forward to my mini getaway!!! :D This trip has the best timing, with all the stress this month gave me, I need and deserve to de-stress. :)

I think that's all for now. Sooo how's your life recently by the way? :)

- Clang