Feel Good

We always have that moment when we feel bad about ourselves, we also have those moments when we feel really good about ourselves. I once read, feeling negative and positive is a balance. :)

Feeling bad is like an automatic feeling we get when something goes out of our way, unfortunately feeling good is hard. Feeling good is something you have to work on, when supposedly it should be something that glows automatically, it should be something that silently sits inside.

Feeling good doesn't and should not come from your make-ups, gadgets, wallets, clothes, cars, money etc.. it must and should come from within.
Society makes it hard for everyone to feel good because society itself makes you feel bad. But here's what, you are in this world surviving and you are stronger than any of the negatives.

It's fine to feel bad, to feel down and to be sad, what matters most is you don't stay there for too long, you should learn to get back into your feet because you deserve to feel good. :)