Tom N Toms

Are you still feeling hyped after your shift? Are you not feeling sleepy after your busy day? Do you just feel like going out, to chill or read or just simply want to be alone? Guess what?

Tom N Toms is finally open to cater your love for coffee and your in need of me-time. Tom N Toms is located at The Greenery, Mabolo, Cebu City, easy to locate and very accessible and they are 24 hours open!! :D To those who have a lot of work to do or a lot of stuff to study for their exams, thank Tom N Toms, because they’ll surely make you awake.

So, last week I finally was able to visit the newly brewed coffee shop in the City- Tom N Toms.
We ordered frappe. I ordered Java Chip and Jabi ordered Cookies N Cream, actually I ordered for him as he is not aware what tastes good when it comes to frappes. I always suggest Java Chip to anyone who asks but since every coffee shops have different blends, we opt to have some variety. I really want to taste their bread too, because a lot of people like it but I am just so full and bloated that time since we had dinner first before heading to Tom N Toms. There’s still next time, tho. :)

Aside from their goods I examined their place too. Business women/men who are into coffee shops or restaurants should really bank on their choice of place, design and style as well, because let’s admit it, the style and place catches people to go inside to find out what does that coffee shop/resto has to offer.
Their place is nice, it’s cozy; good for chilling, reviewing or just simply musing over things. If you want to know if their place is instagrammable then YES, their place is instagrammable actually not only Tom N Toms’ place but the entire place at The Greenery. :)