Away From The Sun

It's still 6 a.m but my alarm is making noise already, it just means 1 thing— I have to get up. Last Sunday, I went home and attended my brother's retreat since my mother wont be there so my presence was needed. Stuff like this— waking up early on a Sunday, this is VERY unusual. But nonetheless, I prepared and made my way to my brother's retreat place. It's a hot sunny morning, my mind was still sleeping, no coffee, no anything to jump start my day. I had to sit somewhere dimmed since Mr. Sunshine is glowing at its finest. Once settled, I just waited until my senses came to their places.

I've been to this retreat house before. I had my retreat here too. It is very nostalgic to be here again, to see those high school students doing what we did before, but nostalgia is not my thing. I hate being nostalgic on things, it makes me sad. So, I shook it off roamed around the place and realized, nothing has changed. Indeed, change really changes on its own pace. Because this place is still the exact same place I had my retreat years ago, it did not change over 3 years (??). And that sort of made me smile. With all the things that are happening and changing so fast before my eyes and to myself, I found something that has not changed yet. :)

Now, I stopped somewhere near the pool for a shade. And wait, I just thought.. "Rj, take a picture of me here.". :)


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