Just last Thursday something’s got into me and I indecisively cut my bangs. Then I realized when was the last time I cut my bangs? Hmm. Every time I have my hair cut I NEVER EVER have them cut my bangs, I want to do it myself so when things go wrong I do not have to blame anyone but myself. Haha!

Anyway.. Thank God it’s Friday!!! Some of us might just started their party or still on their way, some might already at the peak of their catching up with their friends or some might having a good time reading their favorite or newly purchased book  at their home, wherever you are right now, congrats guys! You can go ahead and morning the night because tomorrow you do not have to worry about your schedules or dragging yourself out of bed because tomorrow is weekend!!! :) It’s been a so-so week, not busy nor boring but yes, it’s tiring. It’s tiring because aside from doing my job as an IT Analyst, as part of the RnR team, we spent the last few days brainstorming for our Christmas Party, it is exhausting, but I enjoyed! I sometimes wish, if only I could just be an event organizer in a company. Hehe! :) But c’mon let’s not dwell on how our weekdays were, because what's important, we survived Monday to Friday and we can now have our own kind of RnR. Weee! :)
Talk about coincidnce! As I am ranting about weekend here I just realized, my sweatshirt tells my kind of weekend. Hehe! Well, just crash out party since it's been ages since I last partied. Hehe!

Shout out to my colleague Ryan Dabon for taking pictures of me just after our shifts. ♥


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