Go, Get Up

Have you ever been a potato? Of course yes! I feel so tired and don't want to get up at all and just ditch any responsibilities for even just a day. But if I opt to be a potato I might regret it afterwards, so I don't have a choice but to drag myself out from my magnetic bed and start doing what I have to do.
It's a lazy day and all I wanna do is sleep but chores are waiting for me so I have to start doing them now or else I might end up sleeping very late again.

So my day started from a struggle of jumping out of bed to meeting some friends who are having their vacation here in Cebu and helped them buy some delicacies that they could bring as a pasalubong, since they are heading back tomorrow.

So this is just a post about being a potato, ootd, and congratulating myself for getting up and not succumbing to the call of my bed. Hehe!


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