Bring me back to THAT day—Sunday. Sunday means staying in. This means we have more time to muse over things and let life flash moments or memories before our eyes. But because I work late, I usually rest during weekends since I am off on those days. So sometimes all I do on a Sunday is sleep, and those life realizations didn't take place, not even on my dreams. But.. not today— today was packed of realizations, wishes, frustrations that I opt not to give a fuss on my day to day life, because I thought they're better off to be on that box wrapped and sealed but again not until today. Today that box unwrapped and unsealed itself, making me to go ahead and pour it out on this blog.

I remember when I was still a kid and used to wish a lot, some of them came true and some of them get invisible as time goes by. Not because I can't make them come true now, some I can but some are meant to be granted by/with other people. But.. we just cannot please people. They have their own lives, own understanding, own will that never crossed mine. There are just really things that are out of our control, and unfortunately some of my wishes are out of my control. It's sort of sad to be honest, but hey! I still believe that things happen for a reason. Because if It is God's will, it will. So I'd rather seal those wishes in a box; stop dwelling on them and continue to my day to day life. Who knows one day, before all we know, my wishes already came true.


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