Off I Go

It's already 1:56 am and I am finally down to my last item on my to-do list and that is to publish a post.

Sunday has always been the slowest paced day for me. No traffic, less people on the streets, not so loud surroundings and most people are not rushing. For me, it's the perfect day to dine or lunch out after hearing the mass or to go shopping.
I stayed in the entire Saturday and was out half of Sunday. But before my Sunday started, I (again) had a hard time choosing what to wear. The common struggle of girls (well usually girls) when going out is to decide what should they wear. I am so indecisive when it comes to what clothes should I wear but for the past few days, I noticed that offshoulders have been my wardrobe staple, I constantly wear them anywhere like when going to work, just hanging out with friends, on formal events or even when I am just at home. It has been my go-to top recently because why not? It's vesatile; it's simple, classy, laid back and let's admit it, it's sexy. ;)


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