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Hi y'all! I finally freed some time for me to blog. Wee! :) I have been so busy these past few days that I need to sleep 4-5 am just to finish what I have to do. What?! 4-5 am?! Yes! Yes! Because guess what?! I am working part time to this new detox tea called HonestSlim. They hired me as a blogger but for the meantime I am their designer because they don't have one sooo since designing is also my passion, why not?! Lol! I do their logo, product package and stuff. We are still on a soft opening tho, since the team are still working on the revisions, but we are a step closer already! Hehe! :) So guys please do me a little favor, HonestSlim's website is already up, you might wanna visit, just click here and pls follow them on their social medias; Twitter & Instagram: honestslim. :) Okay. So this post is not about HonestSlim as I am planning to have a separate post for that. This post is more on a "Hey! What's new?" since I have been in hiatus for almost a month.
Soooo.. what's new guys? How's your weekend? Weekend gone by so fast, eh? I know! And it is never nice to feel like your weekend is just like a half day. :( I hope workdays have only 2 days and rest days have 5 days. Haha crazy! Well last Saturday I decided to get back on having "Short hair don't care" lol. The most evident change I have. If you are thinking what most of the girls are thinking when they make a huge change on their hair then, no, I am not going through heart aches (Thank God.), I am just not too girl enough to take good care of my long hair, I don't even know how to manage it. When I still have my long hair, I always tie my hair in a bun because first, it's a mess, second, it's hot (despite all the typhoons that we had lol) third, it's irritating. Hahaha I just kenut! Lol. Plus I don't have a nice hair. My hair sucks, real talk. Sorry, hair. Haha!
Before ending this, I wanna highlight my top. Despite all the computer games, or mobile games we are all playing nowadays, I still go back to my all time fave- Super Mario. (Lez shout 90s babies!!! :)) The reason why I bought this shirt! Hehe :) I know this is not something you guys will give attention to, but for me this is. because I don't always wear printed shirts because I find them too colorful, but this one? ha! Apparently, an exception! :)




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