Beauty Fix: Peel-Off Mask

I am really blessed for not having an acne prone skin, but I think we cannot really have it all as I am not really that blessed for not having a blackheads-free face. I've been strolling around Watsons, looking for something that at least can lessen my blackheads, as I was picking up and putting back items I remember my colleague telling me to try a facial mask that's color black prolly she is referring to a charcoal mask. I headed to their face mask section and to my luck there's one left. Weehee!! 1 left! This must be something good huh. 

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It was said on the package that this is for oil control and detoxifying but after trying it to my face, it's not only for oil control and detoxifying, it's also for removing blackheads and whiteheads. I can see some whiteheads and some hairs (??) pulled out. Yes. I see some hairs, prolly that's the blackheads. Hehe. True to its promise! It removes dirt and impurities.
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This mask is supposed to be applied to the whole face but since I'm not sure when are they going to restock it, I only applied it to the affected areas. You have to let it dry for 20 minutes, then you can peel it off. And for best results you need to use it 2-4 times a week.
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For P22.00 you can now say goodbye to your blackheads! :)


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