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I am not going to say I have my dream job right now, I am not gonna lie either that I almost stopped chasing my passion, because at some poi...

I am not going to say I have my dream job right now, I am not gonna lie either that I almost stopped chasing my passion, because at some point of my life I had to go the other way around. As I grow older each day those “life realities” my mum or dad or professor told me before are making sense. When they said “Chasing your dreams is not easy but it will be worth it” I did not sort of believe them because I am too positive on how easy peasy to chase my dreams knowing what I am capable of to get it, without considering the challenges in life I may encounter along the way. I was so naΓ―ve back then.

Now I learned that your needs are so much important than your wants. And man, it takes so muuuch courage to discipline yourself from saying no to your wants (at least for the meantime) and prioritize your needs. Adulting it is. But nonetheless, it’s never too late to make little steps in going back on pursuing your dreams, who knows it may lead you to somewhere better than you expected. Indeed, chasing your dreams is pretty hard, but I know it will be worth it, because I can and I will. :)

And btw, cheers to waking up early and getting the advantage to take pictures in an almost empty parking lot. :)


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  1. This is so true. I'm almost 30 and have just realized it, when everything is getting back at me at work... I guess it's good, because it now forces me to work for what I want! xoxo Sarah

  2. Yes. Sometimes the timeline we set for ourselves in achieving our dreams dont really happen. But I know it'll, in its perfect and best time. It's never too late. xx

  3. Amazing post. Love photos you shared. xx


  4. Awwwe πŸ€— thank you! :) x
    Iloveyou how you came up with simpleserenity tho. :) keep safe! ♡

  5. Lovely post! It's so hard, but it is so much better to live a life of no regrets and to always strive for your dreams!


  6. True that! I really believe that everything will take place in time. ♥

  7. Its so true life does throw curve balls at us but getting over those hurdles just means were 1 step closer to where we want to be or like you said somewhere where you didn't expect to be but somewhere much much better! I hold that to be very true for me and I know I have so much more to go on this journey- the ride is the fun part :)

    xo, JJ

  8. Yesss!! Indeed, the journey is more impt than the destination. :)
    Keep safe! X

  9. I'm in the last year of high school and I thank for your wise words. Thank you, thank you so much 😊

  10. Awwwe. Youre most welcome ☺️ Hope I helped you in some way. :)

  11. It's Amazing.. very inspirational..

  12. Wow...nice. i can relate much with adulting. It's true sometimes me need to consider things than the one we really want. But dont give up.. it will come.πŸ’œ

    Thanks for liking my post as well. I just followed your blog.πŸ‘πŸ˜€

  13. Awwwe. Thank you so much. Yes no one should give up, 'coz chasing our dreams is never wrong. ☺

    Thanks for the follow. ☺ God bless you! ♥