Loosen Up Like My Top

Have you ever thought of window shopping and ended up otherwise? Lol. Last Saturday my boyfriend planned to buy a black jeans and I decided to accompany him since it was a boring Saturday guys, plus common! We always want to accompany our boyfriend to the mall ‘coz we love doing judgment on them about how do they look like and stuff like that. As he was strolling around Bershka, instead of following him in the men section, I headed to the women section. I promise! I do not have any plans of buying since I am saving but, a big BUT, crop tops and sweaters are on red tags. :|  And crop tops and sweaters are my faves. To make the long story short, I bought a sweater and a loose cropped top. Hahaha! Well, girls will always be girls. :p
img_6444-1img_6443-1I always love loose tops- loose t-shirts, loose sleeveless and of course loose cropped tops. Loose cropped tops always give you that simple yet classy and that laid-back kind of look, it brings back 80’s/90's fashion despite the fast fashion that we are having now. Plus, cropped tops can be worn on any pair of jeans, shorts or skirts. Truth be told, I’m the kind of woman who prefers to dress like as if I still live from the 80’s or 90’s. Hehe. 
img_6450-1img_6449-1Do you believe that the way you dress mirrors you? There’s a lot of practical reason why I love wearing loose tops but on the other note, I think my love for loose tops somehow represents me. Me being the “come what may” and the “I don’t give a damn” kind of person. I think being able to loosen up on some things makes me more secured on myself and makes me more independent. 
img_6448-1You know what, it feels good. It feels good not choking yourself to anything. If you’re being hard to yourself lately, you might wanna loosen up a bit. What you think? :)




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