B(l)ack To Normal

I hate that tomorrow's already Monday, but still I hope you guys had a great weekend. :) Saturday went fast, I just stayed at home tried to finish all my backlogs for my pending post reviews (by the way, I just had my first collaboration with Rucy's Vanity, check it out here. And there are still 2 pending reviews, keep posted! :) Indeed, God is good!!! ♡), took bunch of pictures for my blog and hooh!! I'm glad I am down to the last one. Weee!! :)
Last week was a bit crazy, all I did was go to work, draft some post for my part time job and draft some post for my blogs. I repeatedly done that from Monday to Friday of last week !!! IT WAS DEAD TIRING !!!
But today is chill and slow paced. I woke up late, I went out with the boyfriend to book a hotel for her sister and to eat dinner. I am craving for something I don't know so we ended up eating at Gilligan's (did I spell that right?). As always, the foods were great. :) And at this very moment I'm typing this, I'm craving for ice cream. :( I don't know what's happening but my craving for ice cream always falls on a Sunday! Always. But anyways, today seems to be back to normal. It looks like I'm back to being a potato again. :)
Top: Metro Ayala / Choker: (IG) armcandiesluck / Watch: Gshock / Bracelet: Metro Ayala / Shoes: Jessica (at SM Dept. store)


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