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Organic skin care just couldn't run out of good things. There are indefinite list why organic skincare is good, nice and preferable. Now, I am going to share with you my experience and  Cleopatra's Secret. ☺

 Underarm Detox Mask

I really hate when my underarms perspire because that's the time when you start smelling bad. Especially if I'm wearing colored shirts because people will clearly see that there's thunderstorm going on there. Hahaha! And, it's not really good AT ALL having a body odor and not doing anything about it. Well, human as we are, we really have body odors but we need to do something about it because- hygiene. So when I got this Underarm Detox Mask in the mail it excites me.

How to use it:

I'm glad I didn't have any irritations at all on this product, as stated on the product redness may occur which is a normal effect of the Underarm Detox Mask as the blood flow to the area is increased but it should disappear quickly. For the past 5 days of using it I can already see a little change- it lessens my underarm perspiration. However, for the little time I am using this, I still cannot see any progress on its claim about whitening and decreasing your underarm odor (because I don't go out without any deo on) but hopefully soon I will.
Just a heads up tho, you need to scrub your underarm by a loofah gently or by a towel after washing away the mask with water because it leaves a black stain that could only be removed if you scrub it.

Should be consumed within 2-3 months.

Antioxidant Boost Green Tea & Milk Soap
P100 (50% off until May)

Organics soaps are just so fulfilling. This soap has 100% natural ingredients such as Goat's Milk, Green Tea Extract, Vanilla Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Raw Shea Butter that is good for dry and cracked skin. What I love most about this product is it has Raw Shea Butter that's know for its effectiveness in moisturizing and  helps soften the skin.
I am very picky when it comes to my soap because let's admit it there are a lot of soaps out there that are just harsh for your skin. It makes your skin dry, rough and even darkens your skin because of too much strong chemicals in it. But with the natural ingredients that this soap has this makes it gentle and good for your skin.

Should be consumed within 1 year.

Gentle Cleansing Milk
P120 (Currently on Sale. End of sale is not stated.)

This is like a toner / facial cleanser. Am I making sense here? Hehe! Anyway, this cleanser is not the ordinary cleanser that you pour it on your hands and massage it on your face. You need a cotton on this, just like how you do it on your toner and apply it on your face. The difference is, you need to wash it with water afterwards. This is like an oil-based cleanser by the way or as what they described it a creamy milk cleanser. What I love about this is, you could use this as your make-up remover and facial cleanser at the same time. Ha! 2-in-1 product again! Weee. I love how this Milk Cleanser removes the excess smudge of your mascara after washing it with water. I also love that this product has milk because milk helps soften and exfoliate your skin and also soothes skin inflammatory conditions. Y'all know Cleopatra? The ancient Egyptian queen, yes? Well she is known for her beauty milk baths for soft and beautiful skin. No wonder this product is named after her. ☺

Should be consumed 3-5 months upon opening.

Anti-Aging Facial Cleanser
P165 60ml | P350 160ml

Last but not the least, the Anti-Aging Facial Cleanser. Since I receive this product, this has been a part of my skin care routine at night. I was skeptical at first, because this is not your usual facial cleanser that will create foam/bubbles as you massage it in your face. When you pumped it from the bottle it will give you a lather, but when you started putting it in your face it will come out like a mild oil-based cleanser. This has been a skin care staple for me at night because I have a dehydrated skin in the face, some of the symptoms of having a dehydrated skin is my skin feels so tight every after wash and sometimes itchy. I was in a long hunt for something that I can use on my face that doesn't make it feel tight after washing it or it doesn't feel itchy. So as I was about to stop looking for it, I suddenly found it just in front of my doorstep. ☺ I super love how I don't feel any tightness and itchiness anymore after using this product. I am so amazed on how well this product works on my face. Thank you so much for making my dehydrated skin, hydrated. ♥

Just a heads up tho, please avoid the eye area when using it because it doesn't have any numbing chemicals thus, the pH level of this cleanser doesn't match the pH level of our eyes.

Should be consumed within 2-3 months.

As you have noticed the life span of these products are very short because these products doesn't have any preservatives just pure and majority natural and organic ingredients.
I love how I found beauty and cure on Cleopatra's Secret products. Indeed, nature will never disappoint you and so as Cleopatra's Secret. ☺

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